Why Buy Local Honey?

In recent years, FAKE honey, a corn syrup, sugary, antibiotic and chemical induced substance, with honey FLAVORING, usually imported from countries like China, has inundated grocery stores the world over, deceiving consumers, who assume these mutations are comparable to their natural raw and/or organic counterparts. In fact, the top two honey producers in the U.S., Honey Holding and Groeb Farms, were fined for their illegal and misleading practices. Not only does buying from your local beekeeper boost small business, it presents an opportunity to educate yourself on how the honey you’re purchasing is extracted and its purity! A legitimate beekeeper will NOT hesitate to answer your questions about their product…so ask! We know our beekeepers personally and can ensure Sahabee Honey customers that every facet of the rawness, naturalness and quality of the honey we sell has been thoroughly verified!