Bee Pollen & Bee Propolis

Fresh Bee Pollen and Propolis Chunks

Propolis: Unprocessed, Raw 100% Propolis. Propolis often called bee glue is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds and flowers. Bees use propolis to seal their hives to ward off intruders, keep out the cold and bacteria.

Propolis can be consumed, and has been used to treat wounds, cough and cold , sore throat or toothache.* Propolis is often made into a tincture, or turned into powder using a grinder.

Propolis contains Vitamin A, B1,B2,B3 an array of Bioflavonoid’s, Calcium and Magnesium to name a few. Propolis is credited with anti-fungal, anti-viral, analgesic and anti-oxidizing properties

Bee Pollen: Our fresh Bee pollen is a local product of the USA. It has been cleaned to remove debris, and dried. Bee pollen has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years, but it’s only been recently that it’s become studied and acclaimed in Western medicine. Our Bee Pollen can be added in your favorite smoothies, or mixed in honey. Bee pollen can be eaten whole or crushed into powder.

One of the main benefits of bee pollen, discovered by researchers, is that of reducing cholesterol. When bee pollen is taken as a food or supplement, it helps to bring levels of triglycerides and cholesterol back to normal within the body. Good cholesterol is increased and bad cholesterol is actually decreased.