Delivery Information

We are unable to make exceptions on return requests for any products at this time to further mitigate any potential risk during the current global Covid-19 pandemic*

Delivery Information

Non-returnable merchandise:

For safety and health reasons food items are not returnable. We guarantee to provide you with a fresh and delicious product. Raw Honey will naturally crystallize some sooner than others. Don’t worry your product did not spoil. Simply place jar in warm water to re liquefy. Honey will not expire and does not have to be refrigerated. Be sure to stir all boosters and blends as herbs and spices climb to the top or settle at the bottom.

*Other items may be returned, unopened. We do not refund shipping costs and return shipping is at the expense of the customer.

Please Note: In the business of selling RAW, UNPROCESSED, and UNFILTERED honey, straight from the hive, it is not at all uncommon to find small bees, fragments of bees, or particles of beeswax in our products.  Our product comes directly from beekeepers, and in extracting honey directly from the hive, bees can  mistakenly find their way into the packaged product.



Shipping & Handling

We ship via US Mail (USPS). Orders typically shipped in 48 hours. Delivery may take 3-5 days for delivery in the US.

All of our honey products are sold in glass jars. Upon leaving our facility, your package will be securely wrapped. We will make every effort to pack glass for safe shipment so that your order arrives safe and sound. However USPS cannot guarantee against breakage or damage. Damaged items cannot be replaced.

We only ship within the continental US.

In order to receive Free Shipping on your order you must spend $75.00 or more* and select the FREE SHIPPING option. Other options will also be available for shipping your order should you choose not to receive Free Shipping.

*Bulk orders do not qualify for FREE SHIPPING.