Who is Sahabee Honey?

Sahabee Honey™ is a family owned and operated company, from New Jersey. Our homemade honey blends have been selling successfully in our local community for over two years. This website was started to bring our delicious local raw honey blends, boosters, and products to our loyal customers and the masses more conveniently.  We buy our raw honey directly from local New Jersey apiaries, so any raw honey product sold by Sahabee Honey™ has been verified as such.

Sahabee Honey™ Homemade Raw Honey Blends© and Boosters© are a unique infusion of our superior local raw honey with organic, natural, herbs and spices. Made only with ingredients of the highest quality, Sahabee Honey™ guarantees the authenticity of its raw honey products, as we buy directly from the apiaries and bee keepers, verifying the extraction process.  With the earliest proof of honey consumption and cultivation dating back several millennia, the nutritional and healing properties of honey is mentioned in Islamic, Hebrew and Christian texts.

The Prophetic tradition of consuming honey for health is as true today as it was almost 1500 years ago. Honey has been used in holisitic and herbal medicine since antiquity. And recently, so-called medical experts have lauded honey's health and beauty benefits, calling it "liquid gold." And, scientific evidence also suggests bee products promote healing, improving circulation, decreasing inflammation, and stimulating a healthy immune response.

Our best-selling Sahabee Honey™ Raw Honey Blends and Boosters©, which combine antioxidant and microbial-fighting herbs and spices like, black seed (black cumin, nigella sativa) and cinnamon bark, Ginger, Cayenne pepper etc,  with our local raw New Jersey honey, can be eaten by the spoonful or added to meals and drinks. Customers love the taste of our honey infusions, and prefer them as a delectable and natural alternative to processed sugar and artificial sweeteners.