Raw Tupelo Honey 12oz.

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Raw Tupelo Honey

Raw Tupelo honey comes from the white tupelo gum tree whose flowers are green-white blossoms. These blossoms are delicate, and the weather must be just right to produce. In good weather Tupelo trees will bloom for a few weeks. If the weather is poor maybe only a few days. Due to this the availability varies and is the main reason Tupelo cost more than other honeys. Years of experience and good beekeeping skills are a must to produce great raw tupelo honey. The color of raw tupelo honey is white (light amber), and has a cloudy, greenish tint when held up to the light.

Raw Tupelo honey has an unique flavor with a floral burst, and has a pleasant smooth finish. Tupelo honey has the lowest dextrose sugar content of any honey, which prevents or delays the crystallization process.

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