Sidr & Blackseed Honey 8oz.

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Sidr & Blackseed Honey 8oz.

Ingredients: Sidr Honey from Yemen and Blackseed flower honey from The United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Blackseed honey contains no black seeds or black seed oil. It is nectar from the Nigella Sativa flowers. (read below)

About Black Seed Flower Honey:

Blackseed flower honey is delicious and unique. This honey has been imported from Middle East, a land with rich soil and warm climate and Bee keepers who stick with time honored traditions of bee keeping. They do not feed their bees a sugary substance nor do they heat or filter the honey when extracting.

The uniqueness of this honey is that the bees pollinate the black seed (Nigella Sativa) flowers. This honey has neither black seed powder nor black seed oil added. You will easily taste the black seed through scent and aroma. Black seed is known for its ability to increase one's immune system and great for treating colds and coughs.

About Sidr Honey:

Sidr honey is considered one of the highest quality honeys and it's been known for healing benefits since ancient time. 

Sidr honey is produced by bees who only feed on the nectar of Sidr trees. The whole of the sidr tree is considered beneficial from its roots to its leaves. The sidr tree is also known as the lote tree, Christ's thorn, and Jujube. The honey is characterized by golden light color; it darkens and tends to redness over time. The Sidr trees are grown wild and uncultivated in the desert areas.

Careful steps have been taken by bee keepers who are strict when it comes to the production and extraction of their honey. They do not heat nor add sugars to their honey. No chemicals or antibiotics are used before during or after extraction. No machinery is used. All are done using their hands, a little smoke and knives. The honey is then poured, unheated and raw, into containers, thus preserving its vital live enzymatic constituents.

Sidr honey is considered one of the finest honeys and it's been known for its healing benefits since ancient time. The herbalists prefer it for promoting health because it gives better results compared to other types of honey. Sidr honey is enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and methylglyoxal (mgo) content. When compared to all other types of honey  available in the world market when it comes to quality, sidr honey has lowest water content which does not only increases its potency of immune system boost up but also increase its shelf life.

Studies have shown higher percentage of antioxidants in Sidr honey compared with other types of honey. Our sidr honey has been laboratory tested in order to determine its quality.

Sidr honey has been reported to be good for liver problems, stomach ulcers, respiratory infections, diseases resulting from malnutrition, digestive problems, constipation, eye diseases, infected wounds and burns, surgical wounds (incl. caesarean), promote speedy recovery after childbirth, strengthened the immune systems, to promote general health and vitality*.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease or condition.  People with a present medical condition should consult their physician prior to using this product.  None of Sahabee Honeys™ products are intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

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