Whole Black Seed 4oz.

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Whole Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) 4oz.


Sahabee Honey Whole Black Seed Herb.  Our Pure Black Seed Herb is all natural freshly packed and ready for your enjoyment. See below for product uses and benefits.

Black Seed has an array of curative and nutritional uses. Black seed can be added to lotions and creams, and soaps. Black seed can be used in your hair for scalp treatment. The Oil can be added to foods and honey or beverages. The seed can be eaten whole are crushed into powder. Many people boil the whole seed and drink as a tea.  Use in a fresh made salad or substitute black pepper for black seed in many recipes. Add to hot or cold cereal. Or enjoy in a smoothie. What a great and blessed herb is black seed. One of few herbs to be used externally and internally.

Recommended daily usage as a dietary supplement adults may take 1 teaspoon (5g) with honey before breakfast. Can be also be substituted for pepper in recipes, added to foods, breads, beverages, smoothies, shakes, and tonics, or as is. Our Black seed is solvent free and alcohol free.

Decades of research have proven the seed to be scientifically confirmed as being:

• Natural Pain Killer*
• Anti-bacterial*
• Anti-inflammatory*
• Anti-cholinergic*
• Anti-fungal*
• Anti-hypertensive*
• Antioxidant*
• Antispasmodic*
• Antiviral*
• Bronchodilator*
• Gluconeogenesis inhibitor (anti-diabetic)*
• Hepatoprotective (liver protecting)*
• Hypotensive*
• Insulin sensitizing*
• Interferon inducer*
• Reno protective (kidney protecting)*
• Tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibitor*



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Sahabee Honey products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose, any disease, nor or they intended to prescribe in any way.




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